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Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl acetate is used primarily as a solvent and diluent, being favored because of its low cost, low toxicity, and agreeable odor.Ethyl Acetate has the advantages of being relatively non-toxic and non-hygroscopic. Ethyl Acetate can be mixed with non-polar solvents and is also used for extractions. The usage of Ethyl Acetate is used in a wide range of applications such as: Ink.

n-Propyl Acetate

It is a clear, colourless ester that has a distinguishable acetate odour, is highly flammable, highly miscible with all common organic solvents.Propyl acetate, also known as propyl ethanoate, is an organic compound. Nearly 20,000 tons are produced annually for use as a solvent.

Methyl Acetate

Methyl acetate is a volatile solvent. It is therefore used in fast-drying paints and for the manufacture of celluloid adhesives from waste film. Methyl acetate is often used in lacquer solutions to lower the viscosity. Methyl acetate may also be used in perfumery and in dye manufacture.

n-Butyl Acetate

Normal butyl acetate (also known as n-butyl acetate, butyl acetate, butyl ethanoate, 123-86-4) is a clear, colourless ester with a molecular formula of C6H12O2. It is found in various fruits, red apples in particular, and employs characteristic flavours with a sweet banana smell.

Butyl Carbitol Acetate

Butyl CARBITOL™ Acetate is frequently used as a coalescing solvent in waterborne coatings and provides a good balance of volatility, solvency and water solubility. The ability of this solvent to distribute between the aqueous and polymeric phases contributes to film formation and formulation stability.

Butyl Cellosolve Acetate

Butyl CELLOSOLVE™ Acetate Solvent is a high boiling, slow evaporating solvent that has limited water solubility, but is miscible with alcohols and ketones. Because it exhibits good compatibility with various coatings resins, Butyl CELLOSOLVE™ Acetate Solvent is used in many coatings applications.